Thursday, September 17, 2009

OPM1 is OP1

I'm starting to get this alot. People want to know why I changed my moniker from OPM1 to OP1. First of all, I occassionally still use OPM1. However, I will not be using it to produce music anymore since I don't think that nickname encompasses my mission, passion or who I am.

OP1 means One People. The numeral  1 stands for God. So in essence, my name means God's One People. I shifted from being all about myself and my needs to realizing that we are all one people. We need to be tolerant, loving and supportive of each other.

Will Smith said it aptly in his Tolerance video. "I am He. He is She. She is We...We are One"

Enough with the hate, violence, crimes, terrorists and prejudice. We are all put here on this planet so we have to learn to COEXIST!

As One People.

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