Thursday, March 8, 2007

Conscious Hip Hop

I got this question from one of my friends and decided to talk abit about it here. What does a 'Conscious Brand' of Hip hop mean? Is it more along the Common/Musiq genre? Socially aware hiphop?

Conscious Brand of Hip Hop:
Common Has His Heart In The Right Place.
There Needs To Be Someone With
The Revolutionary Vision of Che,
The Word Play of Eminem,
The Story Telling Ability of Nas,
The Ability To Produce Loving Vibes as Bob Marley,
The Courage To Bluntly State The Problem as Tupac Did,
Yet The Heart & Dedication Towards A Solution To The Many Divisions That Define Our Modern Society.

Conscious Meaning Conscious Of The Many Forces
That Go Into Manipulating Reality/Perception. The Revolutionary Quality
Comes Into Play Because Once We Understand What Is Really Going On, We Make A Conscious Decision To Bring About Change. I Hope I Didn't Overstate This Answer, But It Is My Life Project, So It Is Hard To Summarize.


dairy of a G said...

nicely put.Man I would listen to some of 2pac's old songs like

unconditional love
letter to my unborn child
dear mama
and sucka for love

I shed a tear.I swear I miss that nigga and I don't even know him

His songs are so uplifting
His voice so animated

As a MC my self.I can say its hard to make changes in the game

dudes strive off of keeping the game the same as it was day one

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this writeup... and conscious hiphop... well some of it cos I prefer jazz, soul, the blues... but some hiphop does have me thinking... thanks for dropping by my blog angel.. i'll definitely be back here.. have a great day